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About Mr. Butka

Mr. Butka is a teacher at Belleville High School: certified to teach Computer Science, Vocational Marketing and Social Studies.

"My goal in teaching is to give every student an opportunity to excel in academics and in life. I want to make learning fun and interactive, because it is impossible to force learning. Learning must be made interesting, and students must be able to understand why they are learning certain materials."

"Research clearly shows that students learn the most when their interests in a subject are guided, not led by a teacher. In keeping with this belief, I hope to help my students become life-long learners not short term memorizers. Students should be enabled with the ability to learn independently, and taught the methods by which to pursue this learning."

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The Power Wheel

One of the new challenges for students this year will be to make a battery operated Power Wheel vehicle drive autonomously. Students will have to devise a way to allow the Robotic Power Wheel (RPW) to steer itself and make decisions based on the environment around it. The vehicle will be able to navigate around objects as well as stay on course. The following is a list of objectives for the project. Most of which will be managed in the 2014-2015 school year