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Computer Programming

Students will learn the basics of the Java programming language. Students will be able to apply understanding to real world application design, video game design, and autonomous robotics.

This Week's Lesson Plans

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Take a look at these videos for leJOS EV3 help

How to install Eclipse and the JDK at home



  • Here is the Mario resource
  • Here is a link to the Sound and Collision material
  • GIMP
  • KiloBolt Resource

  • Game designers (non-android)
  • Here are 3 sides of a 6 sided dice (red and white)
  • Butka's version of his game after Unit 3 day 5. You can import it into a project in Eclipse
  • StaringClass Unit 3
  • Player Unit 3
  • Beginner Game Design Projects

  • Games Part 1 (Show an image)
  • Games Part 2 (Key input)
  • Games Part 3 (Using key input to move an image)
  • Games Part 4 (Smooth animation)
  • Games Part 5 (Adding sounds)
  • Games Part 6(Using Gimp to edit images)
  • Games Part 7
  • Game Tut 8 (Mouse input)
  • Game Tut 9
  • Game Tut 10
  • Game Tut 11
  • Additional Sound
  • Explosion animation tiles
  • Here is an animation example
  • Here is the ONLINE TRICK
  • Make sounds using Audacity
  • Collison is EASY
  • Here is Player
  • Here is Game
  • Here is Puck
  • Take a look at the Mario files! Create a project named Mario and place these files in a package called mario
  • Platform Series