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Web Design

Students will learn the basics of Web Design. Attention will be paid to creating web sites that best reach a target audience (graphics, layout, material, etc.). Because it is unlikely that a majority of students possess a professional web development tool such as Dreamweaver, coupled with the fundamental importance of creating a firm knowledge base, we will learn how to create a site using actual code more often than a web design tool.

Student Files

Course Rationale

In helping students learn to effectively use computer technology in academic, professional, and personal contexts, Web Design will enable engaged students to:

This course is designed to be a fun and personal experience. Students will be able to apply a great deal of personal and artistic influence on their work.

Grade Rationale

Students will be graded on class projects, open book tests/quizzes 40%, class use (participation, technology use, and attendance) 40%, and their final 20%. ANY involvement in plagiarism (including someone using your work) results in an irreversible 0% on the assignment. Late work will lose value overtime:

Days lateCredit lost
4+Not accepted

The only exception to this is students with previously excused absences; in which case they will have days equal to their days absent to makeup work. Students should make every effort to use the Internet/email during an absence to keep up with the work.

Late tests must be made up no later than 3 school days after it was administered. The student is responsible for scheduling a day with his/her parents and Mr. Butka. After 3 days the test is graded as a 0%.

Student Supplies

Extra Credit

Extra credit may be given to students who work beyond assignment expectations. Individual extra credit assignments wil not be allowed or assigned.

Classroom Procedures

Classroom policies conform to the school policies. Students are allowed to have water in class but are expected to leave their containers closed at all times and store them on the floor unless they step away from the computer and take a drink. Any inappropriate behaviors (any behavior which disrupts the learning of the class) will be dealt with in this order:

1Verbal warning
2Student/Teacher Meeting
3Teacher/Parent Meeting
4Office Referral

Classroom Help

Classroom/Study help is available for your student! I am willing to offer assistance in ANY class after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays (after school to 6p.m.). Other days may be available on request. Academic success is a matter of effort no one is born with it. I want to help all students succeed!

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